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Pavel Tashev / Software Developer
Constantly learning new things. I love to work on projects and ideas which inspire me and bring value and improve the life of the society around us.
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United Kingdom
Noway Media Ltd.

Noway Media Ltd..

Company name Noway Media Ltd.
Position Co-founder, CEO and Web developer
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The company Noway Media Ltd. was found 2011 with the idea to develop web based services and products. That was a great experience for me because I had a chance to get closer to the idea how to manage a small start-up, and also all business processes and projects behind it.

I believe this is a valuable experience because the knowledge about the processes in a company and also the role of each person in that company is one the keys for better work flow and understanding of your own role in the company with no matter you are a developer, manager or else.

I was a manager in Noway Media Ltd. but also a PHP / Web Developer.

During the years we developed a couple of projects. Two of them are QRL and Schoodle.

QRL (abbreviation of QR link) is a web based system which can be used by the customers to generate their own QR codes pointing to specific URL’s. Those QR codes can be printed on posters, books or somewhere else and later to analyze the traffic through those of them which are scanned with a mobile applications.

Schoodle (the name comes from the combination of the words “School” and “Google”) is a project which has only one goal and basic idea – to be an online environment for teachers and parents who want to exchange more information about the progress of their children at school.

Behind those two projects there is also another one which stays behind the scene. This project is an User Management System (UMS) which unites all user accounts part of QRL and Schoodle. So, every time when someone is logging in QRL all the personal information is stored and managed by this “third building block”. The reason to organize all projects in that way is for security reasons and also because that gives us the ability to connect each new future project with the users who are already registered in any of the current products and services.

It’s worth to say that this “third building block” communicates with each of the projects by RESTful API’s using own internal protocol. The communication is based on JSON and XML, depending on the developer’s needs.

Currently we’ve stopped any activities on those projects. The only thing that we do is to keep them alive.