Pavel Tashev
Pavel Tashev / Entrepreneur and Software Developer
Constantly learning new things. I love to be part of projects and StartUps that inspire me and improve the life of society.
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Isle of Man, UK and Bulgaria
ProxiAd Ltd.

ProxiAd Ltd..

Company name ProxiAd Ltd.
Position Senior PHP / Web Developer
Company website

The scope of my activities in ProxiAd is to be a PHP / Web developer, developing new features for a big french company called Mailjet ( The tasks are on the front-end and on the back-end side of the project.

Writing a new PHP code and also testing and fixing bug issues, communicating with REST API’s, writing Java Script code (+jQuery), AJAX queries, new CSS and HTML is part of the usual daily work.

I’d like to express my opinion about ProxiAd. I want to comment the HR department and the principals for the professionalism they apply during their work with all employees in the company. Also, my colleagues that create a relaxed and pleasant work environment. My opinion is that ProxiAd is a wonderful company which is well organized and it’s worth to work there!