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Counting lines of code (LOC) in PHP projects

Counting lines of code (LOC) in PHP projects

CLOC is a great tool which shows you the number of lines of code in your project and also the number of files, blank lines, comment lines, etc. It’s a great tool for your Linux environment!

First we have to install it. For Debian/Ubuntu:

apt-get install cloc

For CentOS/RedHat:

yum install cloc

CLOC does not require configuration and the running is simple:

cloc your-folder/

“your-folder” contains the files or your project.

Here is an example run of CLOC:

As you have already noticed, CLOC recognizes different languages like PHP, LESS, JavaScript, etc. and counts the lines of code for each of them, which is a great feature for more detail statistics.

That’s from me for now. As always, any feedback in the comments is welcome!

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