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    Hi – I am Pavel Tashev,

    a Software Engineer and an Entrepreneur.

    Co-owner at Camplight

    Since 2008 in the software industry, I’ve been more than just a developer of software products; I’ve also dedicated myself to building and leading tech startups.


    I’ve navigated the uncertain path between the mindsets of an entrepreneur and an engineer, facing numerous challenges along the way. I’ve had to quickly solve problems, facing both failures and successes, and learn valuable lessons.


    Years ago, I realised that many software engineers like myself are eager to start their own businesses. Everyone has their unique motivations, but more often than not, they seek to escape the rat race and use their knowledge and skills to increase their income.


    So, it all boils down to a simple question:


    How can I leverage my skills and what new ones should I acquire to build a business and transform my knowledge into income?


    I’ve decided to dedicate my time to helping those who are asking themselves this very question.


    I can help


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