Hi there. I’m Pavel,

a Back-end Developer

and a Product Owner.

Founder of StartupStage and DeepSource, and Previously a Back-end Developer at Peoplegogo


The act of creation in any aspect makes the life meaningful.

I have spent my entire adult life—and most of my childhood—engrossed in the act of learning and building things. It started with graduating high school with specialization in “Electronics” and university with specialization in “Quantum Electronics and Laser Technologies” and “Nuclear Physics”. They gave me strong analytical thinking, ability to grasp complex concepts and good foundations in mathematics.

In 2008 I was at CERN, doing computer simulations of physical processes (subatomic particles moving in electromagnetic fields). That was the period when writing code grabbed my attention. In the end of the year, I decided to make a career shift – from physics to programming.

I developed from scratch a web based platform – Schoodle – SaaS (Software As A Service) connecting teachers and parents via Internet. The platform attracted mostly teachers from private schools and in the end of 2014 about 300 class rooms were using it.

I worked on some lesser known but equally important projects because they helped me to learn. In 2013 I was an early employee at a Mailjet mail delivery startup, where I worked together with my French and Bulgarian colleagues. Our work helped the company grow and become one of the European Email Leaders.

I’ve successfully managed and worked on projects and startups for QRL (bit.ly for QR codes), Peoplegogo (a crowdfunding platform for volunteering campaigns), GuardNet (a mobile emergency app connected to local security companies), ManxTents (book your tent for the greatest motorcycle race on Earth – The TT on the Isle of Man) and StartupStage (a network of startups and entrepreneurs helping early stage startups to improve their business concept). During my work I developed important skills – developing web apps (SaaS) from scratch, leading teams, planning, decision making, management of the processes during the development, testing business models via Lean Startup methodology.

Eleven years, countless projects, and numerous ups-and-downs later, I’m still as obsessed as ever to develop.

I currently reside in Sofia, Bulgaria and continue to work in tech, both professionally and as a hobby. I also work on StartupStage, it allows me to impart my life’s positive influences onto early stage startups, which is incredibly rewarding.

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