Hi – I am Pavel Tashev,

a Software Engineer

and an Entrepreneur|

After returning from CERN in Switzerland, I decided to shift my career from nuclear physics to IT, and that’s what I did.


Over the last two decades, I have built my career as a software engineer, participating in the development of various startups and tech companies. In these roles, I wore two hats: developer and entrepreneur.


Now, I am a co-owner of the company Camplight and a co-founder of the tech startup ReKosh, where we’re building hardware devices for smart recycling.


Through these experiences, I’ve learned that the mindset of a technical person often contrasts with that of an entrepreneur, and the two can sometimes conflict. I’ve also noticed there are people in the technical field who are eager to start a business, but due to their lack of experience, they often fail.


Ultimately, I’ve come to two important conclusions. First, I want to share my knowledge. Second, as someone who has experienced both the technical and entrepreneurial perspectives, I am sure I have insights to offer that many people will find beneficial.



I create

for you


Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about owning a money-making business and reaping the benefits. Entrepreneurship is primarily about mindset, and only then about everything else.


Adopting the right mindset is the foundation – everything else, we’re going to build on top of that.


Productivity and Time Management

Doing business requires being responsible for others – your employees, contractors, and customers – and also being able to manage multiple processes. Thus, knowing how to manage your time effectively and to be productive is essential.


How to start and scale your tech business

The content in my newsletter is mainly focused on tech enthusiasts like myself who have a good knowledge of tech and software development, or people who have worked in the industry and are looking to start or develop their tech business.


I’ll share my experience and give you tips on how to start a tech adventure. As someone who has already walked this path, I am sure that what I’ll be sharing will be of great value to you.



From my life experiences, I’ve come to understand that having knowledge in investments and geopolitics provides a another perspective on how the world functions and what future trends might be. Therefore, discussing geopolitics and investment is crucial.


I recognise that my desire to explore these topics is a personal preference, as I find them fascinating. However, I’m confident that you’ll see how entrepreneurship, geopolitics, and investments are interconnected topics.


Podcast “The Diary of the Entrepreneur”

I plan to start a podcast series called “The Diary of the Entrepreneur”.

The concept is simple: I’d like to interview entrepreneurs from all around the world so they can share their stories – how they started their business, what obstacles they faced, how they overcame them, what is their mindset and lifestyle.

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    The act of creation, by doing good for people, gives meaning to life

    I have spent my entire adult life — and most of my childhood — engrossed in the act of learning and building things. My journey began with a high school specialisation in “Electronics,” followed by university specialisations in “Quantum Electronics and Laser Technologies” and “Nuclear Physics,” culminating in my graduation as an Engineer and obtaining a master’s degree.

    In 2008 I was at CERN, doing computer simulations of physical processes (distribution of subatomic particles in presence of electromagnetic fields). That was the period when writing code grabbed my attention. In the end of the year I decided to make a career shift – from physics to programming.

    I developed from scratch a web based platform – Schoodle – SaaS (Software As A Service) connecting teachers and parents via Internet. The platform attracted mostly teachers from private schools and in the end of 2014 about 300 class rooms were using it.

    I worked on some lesser known but equally important projects because they helped me to learn more. In 2013 I was an early employee at a Mailjet mail delivery startup, where I worked together with my French and Bulgarian colleagues. Our work helped the company grow and become one of the European Email Leaders.

    I’ve successfully managed and worked on projects and startups – QRL (bit.ly for QR codes), Peoplegogo (a crowdfunding platform for volunteering campaigns), GuardNet (a mobile emergency app connected to local security companies) and StartupStage (a network of startups and entrepreneurs helping early stage startups to improve their business concept).

    During my work I developed important skills – developing web apps (SaaS) from scratch, choosing right technologies, leading teams, planning, decision making, management of the processes during the development, testing business models via Lean Startup methodology.

    After 16+ years, countless projects, and numerous ups and downs, my obsession with developing and building businesses that may be of help to others remains as strong as ever.

    Currently, I am a co-owner of the software company Camplight and a co-founder of the startup ReKosh (a smart recycling system). Additionally, I dedicate my time to bringing value to tech enthusiasts eager to start their own tech businesses by sharing my knowledge with them.

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