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Doctrine 1.x Madness

Doctrine 1.x Madness Database


A couple of months ago I met an issue with Doctrine 1.x which completely smashed my brain and it seems to be a bug issue! If you use WhereIn() and pass an empty array as a second parameter the condition will be always “true”. Take a look at the next code:

$ids = array();
$q = Doctrine_Core::getTable('VeryImportantTable')
              ->whereIn('', $ids)

It turns out that when we pass an empty array, Doctrine 1.x thinks about it as “all records in table VeryImportantTable” and in the spirit of the above example that means “delete all records from table VeryImportantTable”. That seams to be a huge bug issue because if we miss to check the content of the array we may accidentally delete very important information from our database. A simple workaround might be:

  //than delete

// or

  //than delete

Be on the lookout for this kind of problems! Special thanks to my partner Lyubomir Slavilov.

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  1. Williampiow
    June 20, 2016 at 3:26 am · Reply

    I am so grateful for your forum.Much thanks again. Awesome. Wirght

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