Predict Future Events with Random Number Generators

Predict Future Events with Random Number Generators

Predict Future Events with Random Number Generators

Apr 13, 2014 – 2 min read

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The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) originating from the Princeton University has random number generators running all over the world. They claim that they can predict future events. The data generated from them is collected, stored, processed and analyzed. As a result the output is a sequence of random numbers. They call those generators ElectroGaiaGrams or just EGGs.

Imagine that you toss a coin. What do you expect to get? Of course, head or tails. Imagine now that you flip the coin a hundred times. The probability to see head or tails is equal, which means that about 50 of the tosses will be heads and the rest will be tails.

Even if you repeat the experiment and flip the coin a thousand times a half of them will be heads and the rest half will be tails. You are quite sure about this fact as well as the fact that the sun will rise tomorrow. But imagine now that after thousand tosses 30% of them are heads and 70% are tails. This is a significant difference compared to what we expected, right? The only conclusion we could make is that somebody or something is disturbing our experiment. This effect is called a non-random activity because obviously something is disturbing the results.

In the 9/11 attack there have been a bizarre spike of non-random activity detected by the EGGs four hours before the attacks. The same thing has happened for the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, 24 hours in advance. So the big question is which thing is the disturber of the data? According to the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) during the disturbance there are two things differentiating these cases from the rest of the detectors around the world giving accurate results:

  • Events which are close in the future (next few hours).
  • Places with large numbers of people.


If tomorrow in London (UK) happens an event attracting big number of people’s attention, this will cause a significant non-random activity which can be detect a few hours in advance. From that perspective we could predict future events with Random Number Generators.

We may be able to predict that a major world event is going to happen, but we won’t know exactly what will happen or where it’s going to happen. – Roger Nelson, the leader of GCP

Part of the information collected by Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is published on in real time.

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